Have the highest quality puzzles made in small(er) editions for your company? All this for the best prices in the Netherlands?

mijndrukker.nl … the undisputed puzzle specialist.

Puzzling is fun and relaxing, and it can give you hours of puzzling fun. A jigsaw puzzle is a great gift to receive.

With mijndrukker.nl you can have the highest quality puzzles made for your company or organisation, in small quantities of 20 till up to 2.000 pieces.

We make jigsaw puzzles in all conceivable sizes and numbers of pieces. From children’s puzzles with a few pieces to the well-known adult puzzles in 1000 pieces and much larger, to frame puzzles, postcard puzzles, micro puzzles, pocket puzzles, mini puzzles or coloring picture puzzles.

From the usual and most well-known puzzle box with a loose bottom and lid, to custom boxes or packaging with which we can even deliver a 1000-piece puzzle through the letterboxes for you as a mailing. For example as a puzzle promotional gift for your valued staff or relationships.
But also available separately in a bag, in a printed puzzle tube made of cardboard, with a frame around it, in a plastic ’tube’ with a metal screw cap or in a box specially made for you or any other packaging imaginable.

Our jigsaw puzzles are made of 2 mm thick and 100% recycled blue Dutch Eska puzzle cardboard, and can be additionally finished with a matt layer or with a gloss layer.

mijndrukker.nl - Minipuzzels - Micropuzzels - Pocketpuzzels.JPG

Mini puzzles – Micro puzzles – Pocket puzzles

Have small puzzles made quickly and easily with mijndrukker.nl.
For example in the shape of a postcard, a micro puzzle in a transparent tube, or in a custom made playing card box.

These pocket puzzles can be made with your own image, logo or text and in the quantities which you desire.

mijndrukker.nl - Gewone puzzels in losse bodem losse deksel doos

Puzzles in an ordinary thick puzzle box.

Puzzles like we are used to. In an ordinary thick puzzle box with a separate bottom and lid.
Available in every number of pieces, e.g. 1000 pieces, 1500 pieces, 500 pieces. Whatever you wish.

You will receive a template from us on which you can have your own puzzle design made for the puzzle itself and for the lid. Or we take care of the design and layout for you.

The puzzles arrive neatly closed in a polybag in the box and the puzzle boxes are neatly sealed per piece.

Puzzles in a tube – Tube puzzles

Puzzles in a tube with a metal or plastic screw cap.
These fun tube puzzles are great for use as a fun puzzle giveaway, as a reminder for a certain event, as a promotional gift, in a mailing or as puzzles for tourists or museums, etcetera.

Puzzles in optima forma in a mini format.

And we can also make a suitable puzzle display for you, so you can display them in the right way.

mijndrukker.nl - Puzzels door de brievenbus

Puzzles through the letterbox – Letterbox puzzles

Puzzles don’t necessarely have to come in a big box. We can simply make the puzzle box flatter so that it can even easily fit through the letterbox with up to 1000 pieces. This will save you enormously on the postage costs when distributing your puzzles, and it is also better for the environment. Transport less ‘air’, much less ‘volume’, but you also save on material.

In this way, a high-quality puzzle with thick pieces of 100% recycled blue Dutch Eska puzzle cardboard can also be used as a puzzle mailing to your valued relations or staff. And mijndrukker.nl takes care of all that for you. From the image to the letterbox.

mijndrukker.nl - Framepuzzels

Puzzles in a frame

Puzzles can also be delivered as frame puzzles. A sturdy cardboard puzzle card with a thick border around it in which the puzzle lies. From small to large format and in any desired quantity.

With frame puzzles, the advantage is that they can be shipped with low postage costs as an affordable puzzle mailing through the letterbox. And that you have the option to communicate with texts or logo on the edge of the puzzle, without having to place it in the puzzle image itself.

Frame puzzles are also extremely suitable for use as a puzzle coloring page, where the recipient can first color the puzzle.

mijndrukker.nl - Puzzels in afwijkende doos op maat

Puzzles in custom sized box

You can have our jigsaw puzzles custom made to any shape, size and design that you wish. But you can also get the packaging that contains the puzzle any way you want. From a standard size thick puzzle box, flat puzzle boxes that fit through the letterbox, to puzzles in a tube, square, rectangular or even in small playing card boxes.

Let us know your wishes and we will be happy to help you.

Would you like more information about having your own puzzles made for your company or organisation?

mijndrukker.nl is the undisputed puzzle specialist and we gladly help you with all your puzzle requirements.
Contact Ben directly by calling 06-53328087, mail to info@mijndrukker.nl or contact us via our chat or WhatsApp, on the bottom right of every page on our website.

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