Customer: Boiten Boekprojecten

Question: How can we give two books an unique and special appearance?

Solution: We have chosen to give both books their own special finish to give them both their own look and feel.

The value of a book can be enhanced by using a special finishing method.
We did just that for two picture books about New York and Denmark. In both cases we have taken in account the colours of the American and Danish flags in the covers and in the threading we used.

The picture book about New York is a so called ‘softcover’ book of a large size and with an ‘open back’ or ‘open binding method’. As a result, you can clearly see the sections stacked on top of each other in the spine and you can clearly see the binding method using a red thread from the American flag. That gives this book a great and beautiful look. We delivered this book in a ‘case’ which is covered with red paper on the inside and blue linen on the outside. Both colours symbolize the American flag.

The picture book about Denmark is a so called ‘hardcover’ book, also of a large size format. However, this book has a ‘softcover’ and ‘closed’ binding method and actually consists of a softcover cover and endpapers of red paper, finished with white thread which gives a nice contrast against the red. Both colors symbolize the Danish flag. Two boards of thick gray board have been glued to the softcover cover, making it appear to be a robust whole and making a ‘softcover’ book a ‘hardcover’. Normally, with ‘hardcover’ books, the gray board is pasted on, over and against to form a hard binding, but here we have deliberately chosen to show the gray board so that it gets a beautiful natural ‘look and feel’. In the interior of this book, high-gloss and slightly rough and matte pages alternate.

This way we have delivered the customer two unique books, both with their own special finishing methods.

The response from the customer:
New York – I just received the book: IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! Thank you so much for all your input and effort.

Denmark – I am super happy with the end result; Thanks man!

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