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Question: We want to make a verb wheel in the form of a turntable. But as flat as possible, without a thickening rotating mechanism made of plastic or metal in the middle. So when we stick the turntables in the front of the dictionaries, the covers do not get damaged under the pressure of the other dictionaries in a box. We also save a lot on the environment, because we don’t need all those plastic push buttons or metal rivets.

Solution: We have developed turntables that do not have any bulge in the middle and that consist entirely of paper or cardboard. This includes a specially developed turning mechanism made of paper or cardboard. To make the price-quality ratio as good as possible, partly in view of the high circulation, the challenge was also to be able to punch, crease, fold and glue the turntables completely in line and in one machine pass. Of course, the discs had to be able to rotate properly. This required an extremely precisely tuned finish.

A verb wheel turntable that is as flat as three layers of cardboard and still rotates perfectly and works well.

The vast majority of turntables made of paper or cardboard have a hollow rivet or rivet in the middle as a turning mechanism and some have a plastic push button. Because this turntable is placed in the front of a dictionary, considerable damage can be caused to the cover of the dictionary because these turning methods form a thickened rotating centre of the turntable. By developing a special rotating centre of paper or cardboard, these turntables do not contain any bulge in the middle. This also means that the environment is not unnecessarily burdened because we do not have to add extra environmentally harmful elements such as metal or plastic.

The printing process
The verb guides are printed in several and different PMS colors per language, on a special type of cardboard, similar to the cover of the relevant dictionary. Van Dale’s high-quality produced dictionaries are also ‘color on cut’, which means that the sides of the dictionaries are provided with a colour, in this case black. This gives them an extra unique and distinctive look.

Productie van draaischijven voor Van Dale

Other applications of these turntables

This environmentally friendly application of the turning mechanism of paper or cardboard turntables is only financially profitable with large print runs of turntables. This is because the development of the special dies and the labour-intensive adjustment of all machines during the finishing process entail higher costs in this production method. This method of producing a turntable made of cardboard or paper is therefore extremely suitable for the production of, for example, parking discs for municipalities in high volumes, as an advertising campaign for certain consumer productions, as translation guides for study material, but also as a work aid for making certain measurements and evaluating the results and determining the outcome. The turntables can be developed in any conceivable shape or size and can be equipped with multiple viewing windows and can even be used on both sides.

The reaction of the customer:
We are happy with the production models! We are very content. The quality of the printing is also great.

Would you like to know what can do for you?
Shall we discuss together how we can develop a powerful turntable made of paper or cardboard for you without the addition of metal or plastic as a turning mechanism?
Or would you like to know for which other purposes we can use a turntable for you?

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