Customer: CONO Kaasmakers

Question: Can we send a Viewmaster with a special disc as an invitation to a party, instead of a card?

Solution: We had the customer design seven slides, which we developed into a specially made Viewmaster Disc, which when watched in sequence shaped into the invitation to the party.

You can realise a high response, by turning your mailings into an eye catching, distinctive and fun objects.
In collaboration with Hollands Lof, we have developed a special Viewmaster disc containing 2x 7 different slides which, when viewed together and in succession, formed the invitation to a party.

A real Black Viewmaster, equipped with a specially developed Viewmaster disc and a Paper Invitation in an Environmentally Conscious Recycled Packaging. All together they formed a Playful but above all High-profile, Striking and Distinctive Mailing, which resulted in a large number of registrations for a party.

We often develop Distinctive and especially Striking Mailings for customers that have delivered a response of up to 95%.
You can also have your own Viewmasters or Viewmaster discs made with your own images.

We supply view-masters in various colors and you can have the view-master discs completely custom-made with us.
We can also print the viewmasters or 3D viewers and also the reels ourselves, as well as the boxes in which we can package them for you.

Would you like to know what can do for you?
Shall we discuss together how we can develop an eye-catching mailing with a high ROI for you?
Or would you like to know how you can have your own Viewmasters, 3D Viewers or Viewmaster discs made with your own images?

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