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Question: What kind of paper is best if I want to use Durable and Environmentally Friendly  paper?

Solution: We will describe three different types of Durable and Environmentally Friendly  types of paper, which together can provide a solution for many different types of printing productions.

The value of print can be enhanced by producing it on Durable, mostly Environmentally Friendly or 100% Recycled paper.
The graphic or printing industry is almost self-sufficient and more than 85% of all paper is recycled in the Netherlands. This makes it one of the most sustainable or environmentally friendly industries we know. Our paper comes from specially constructed production forests and most paper therefore carries the FSC® quality mark for responsible forest management.

But a lot of the paper we use comes from recycling. Paper can be recycled up to 7 times. But we are also finding more and more alternative (waste) sources from which we can make paper, such as paper made from agricultural waste or marble grit. For example, agriculture leaves us tomato fibers or fibers from other fruits and vegetables from which we can now make paper or a specially grown elephant grass.

Below we would like to take a closer look at 3 different and very diverse Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Paper Types that together can offer a solution for many different printing productions.

NAUTILUS® – 100% recycled
Nautilus® Classic is a 100% recycled and slightly rough paper, the way paper feels like what you find in your printer drawer and what we also call ‘uncoated’. It is available in a ‘Classic’ version which can be a nice replacement for the Cyclus Offset, which unfortunately no longer exists. Nautilus® Classic is an off-white or very light cream (/grey) type of paper that is much less yellow than the well-known Biotop 3®.

But Nautilus® is also available in a SuperWhite version. A slightly rough paper and can be called ‘uncoated’, but intended for printed matter where the gray tint of recycled paper can be experienced as a nuisance, but where the focus is on sustainability.

Both Nautilus versions are of course available in a wide range of grammages or thickness.

PaperWise® – Paper made from agricultural waste
Stems and leaves that remain after harvesting are processed into paper and cardboard with a minimal ecological footprint. Also a slightly rough-feeling paper that is available in various grades; white, light brown/beige and two-sided white-light brown/beige.

Excellent for office paper or corporate identity printing such as business cards, stationery and envelopes, but it is also frequently used in the food industry for the production of French fries bags, food trays and eco cups. It can also be used for all other conceivable printed products such as Covers for Brochures, Leaflets, Displays, Boxes, etc.

STONE PAPER® – 100% Waterproof
A tree-free paper made for 80% from crushed stone (grit) or marble grit. Completely made from waste material. It feels very soft and plastic-like and is 100% waterproof. Water or oil has no effect on the quality.
Stone Paper® is therefore very suitable, for example, for the production of Maps, Bicycle Maps and Water Charts or other printing applications that require a lot of folding and unfolding and where the printed matter must be able to withstand a splash of water. Also think of printed products that must be able to lie on the counter or in humid environments, such as cookbooks or even carrier bags that must be able to be used in all weathers, but also menu cards, etc.

Of course, this paper is also available in different grammages from thick to thin and in various sizes.

An update on Stone Paper (2020): there are now doubts about the environmental friendliness of Stone Paper®.
You can read information about this in
this article on LinkedIn by Esther Krop, De Monsterkamer. De Volkskrant also devoted this article to it.
Stone Paper® has appealed against decisions of the Advertising Code Committee and the decision of the court and the complaint of can be read via 
this link.

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Are you also interested in using Durable, Environmentally Friendly or 100% Recycled paper? There are many more kinds of paper to make your printing productions more Socially Responsible. Contact Ben on his mobile phone 06-53328087[email protected] or through the chat function on this site for more information.