PMS, Digital, Metallic Gold, Silver, White, and Foil Printing in Small Quantities is Possible and Affordable.

PMS colors, also known as Pantone Matching System colors, are pre-mixed universal ink colors. In full-color printing, a color is created by using the four standard colors. The goal is to optically blend the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black in varying proportions. PMS colors are primarily used by printing houses and designers.

That’s why logos and corporate identities of organizations often utilize PMS colors. When a design is limited to one or two specific colors, printing in PMS generally yields the most optimal outcome.

What makes PMS colors unique is that they contain fluorescent or metallic particles, allowing for extremely vivid colors or, for instance, gold and silver hues.

PMS colors are designated by a number followed by a letter. The letter indicates the type of paper. ‘C’ stands for coated, ‘U’ for uncoated, and ‘M’ for matte.

When attempting to print a PMS color in full color, you must simulate the color by blending the four standard colors on paper. This can lead to some colors losing a bit of their vibrancy.

It’s important to understand that printing PMS colors in a full-color composition always differs from the original PMS color!

At, we have dealt with this type of PMS printing before. We have experience with PMS digital, PMS metallic, PMS gold, PMS silver, PMS white, and PMS foil.

Invitations, certificates, postcards, ring binders, covers, folders, as well as business cards, book covers, and mailings all gain added appeal through this approach.

PMS Metallics can be simulated and replicated in all conceivable colors through digital printing techniques. By placing the ‘color’ in certain and designated CMYK values underneath the metallic, we create stunning metallic color effects.

It is also possible to apply digital Gold, Red, Blue, Green, and Silver Foil, suitable for small quantities and very affordable.

Digital PMS, Metallic PMS, Gold PMS, Silver PMS, White, and Foil PMS Printing in Small Quantities!

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