With the lenticular technique, we are capable of creating complete lenticular packaging and lenticular printed materials. We also bring ‘motion’ to any other design you have in mind!

Lenticular printing is a technique in which a moving image is perceived based on the angle from which the printed material is viewed. By changing that angle, the images appear to blend into each other. This gives the impression of movement on the packaging artwork. Lenticular Printing can be applied in both very small and very large quantities.

Here are the possibilities for lenticular printing:

  • Abri displays with lenticular effect.
  • FlipFlop printing with lenticular.
  • Posters with lenticular.
  • Packaging with lenticular.
  • Cardboard with lenticular.
  • Lenticular effect without plastic lenses.
  • Lenticular cards.
  • Lenticular printing.
  • Lenticular business cards.

There are various types of animations that can be applied, such as 3D, motion or animation, flip, flow or morphing, zoom, or a combination of these different techniques.

With lenticular printing, you can achieve depth effects, create a short video clip or animation, make images ‘flip’ from one to another (for example, to show a before and after situation), smoothly transition between images, zoom in, or apply a combination of different techniques. Lenticular printing essentially means adding a moving effect to the printed material.

Would you like to learn more about the application of lenticular techniques or lenticular printing for your packaging or any other conceivable graphic product? Or do you want to literally add ‘motion’ to your design?

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