Question: We would like to issue gift cards with different values, presented in a luxury giftbox and in 5 languages. Every BAX Music Gift Card should have 3 unique codes which can communicate with our systems, and can be scanned through the box and the shrink wrap.

Solution: We have developed gift voucher boxes consisting of a luxurious black cardboard, which we have printed in the shape of a hinged box. With inside an interior or table, on which the gift voucher or Bax Music Gift Card is placed in a raised position. This is how it is presented beautifully as soon as the box is opened. There is a precisely tailored recess in both the table and the back of the box. This way, the three unique codes on the back of the gift voucher are scanned while the box is still closed and sealed.

A gift card in a luxury giftbox which represents the high quality products of BAX Music.

Most gift vouchers or gift cards exist in the form of a plastic card. Either separate or pasted on a card, or put in a folder. If you provide high-quality products or services, you also want to issue high-value gift cards. After all, you want to achieve unity in your image for your brand. By presenting your gift cards in a luxurious way, receiving a gift voucher really becomes a gift.
For your company, brand, product or service, a gift voucher or gift card is often the first thing the recipient comes into contact with. And you can only make a first impression once.

The production process
Given the high numbers and keeping the costs manageable, we ensured that the process could be fully automated. Each gift voucher is uniquely numbered with up to three different codes and each represents its own value. After closing the box, it had to remain clear on the outside which language and value is in the box. We solved that by applying a special punching in the interior and bottom of the box. For example, even after closing and sealing the box, the three codes on the gift voucher can still be scanned. Of course we tested this extensively in advance by manufacturing various models of the box and the gift vouchers. The actual production process was simulated to ensure a perfect end product.

Other applications of luxury gift card boxes or hinged boxes.

These luxury gift card boxes can be produced in any size and with any imaginable print. We can also produce these or other luxury boxes with lacquers or foils that may or may not bulge. Think of boxes with gold foil, silver foil, glitter foil or holographic foils.

Would you like to know what can do for you?
Let’s talk about gift voucher boxes, hinged boxes or other luxury boxes with gift vouchers or gift cards for your company, organisation, product or service! Or would you like to know for which other purposes we can make a luxury box for you?

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