Puzzling is Calming and a Jigsaw Puzzle is a Fantastic Gift to Receive, Providing Hours of Puzzle Pleasure. Our Printing Expertise Extends to Puzzles as Well. You Can Easily Create Puzzles with Your Own Design. At Mijndrukker.nl, We Craft the Finest Quality Puzzles for Your Business or Organization, in Small Runs Ranging from 20 to 2,000 Pieces. Share Your Idea, Photo, or Custom Design with Us, and We’ll Transform It into Premium-Quality Puzzles.

Custom Design Puzzles as Corporate Gifts

Crafting a custom design puzzle is a splendid idea for puzzle-themed corporate gifts, whether for your employees or valued associates. They can also be effectively used as promotional puzzles or as supportive sales items to promote your business, organization, products, and services. Many of our printed puzzles are used for anniversary celebrations or to mark milestone achievements.

Creating Top-Quality Custom Puzzles

We deliver top-notch puzzles made from 2mm thick, original, 100% recycled Dutch Eska puzzle board.

Jigsaw puzzles can be produced in any size and with varying numbers of pieces, from postcard-sized micro-puzzles to 1000-piece puzzles measuring 68 x 48 cm, and even up to 5000 pieces for large-format puzzles.

Our jigsaw puzzles are constructed from 2mm thick, 100% recycled blue Dutch Eska puzzle board. They can be further enhanced with a matte or glossy finish.

Our puzzles come in the standard puzzle boxes as well as flat boxes, making them ideal for puzzle mailings that can fit right in the mailbox. They are also available as mini-puzzles in small tubes or boxes.

Eigen ontwerp puzzel laten maken in kleine oplage

Craft Your Own Design Photo Puzzle

Create your own puzzle design using your favorite photos. A photo puzzle is available in various puzzle types. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your photo puzzle. A photo puzzle is a unique gift that resonates well with business relations.

In just a few simple steps, you can create the perfect gift for your associates. A tailor-made custom design puzzle beautifully reflects your connection with your employees, business relations, or other associates.

Everyone will be delighted with your idea of a custom design puzzle. Go beyond the ordinary and ensure everyone receives such a beautifully designed puzzle. Photo puzzles eliminate the worry of choosing other corporate gifts. Success is guaranteed.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” That’s right. So, why not encapsulate those 1000 words in a captivating photo puzzle? You can immortalize your unique relationship with a customer or employee in a puzzle. How wonderful is that? But how do you choose an image for a custom-designed puzzle? That’s the challenge. If you find yourself in a quandary, remember that at Mijndrukker.nl, we are always ready to assist you. We have designed and produced puzzles many times before and know the ropes.

A Unique Design Puzzle is a Wonderful Gift

We create personalized jigsaw puzzles in all imaginable sizes and piece counts. Here’s a glimpse of what we can do for you:

  • Children’s puzzles with a few pieces.
  • Well-known adult puzzles in 1000 pieces and much larger.
  • Frame puzzles, postcard puzzles, micro-puzzles, pocket puzzles, mini-puzzles, or coloring page puzzles.
  • A puzzle box with a separate bottom and lid.
  • A 1000-piece puzzle that serves as a mailbox puzzle which we can even deliver directly to mailboxes as part of a mailing campaign.
  • Puzzle-themed corporate gifts for your valued employees or associates.
  • Puzzles can also be delivered separately in bags, in printed cardboard puzzle tubes, with a frame around them, in plastic tubes with metal screw caps, or in a specially designed custom box or any imaginable packaging.

Puzzels eigen ontwerp - brievenbuspuzzels

Puzzle Box for Custom Design Puzzles

I’m incredibly proud and excited to announce our collaboration with De Puzzelbox at mijndrukker.nl. The puzzle box is a concept and business that I conceived and started myself. I sold this company in May 2022, but I’m pleased to now announce this collaboration.

De Puzzelbox specializes in creating high-quality puzzles in smaller runs, ranging from 20 to 2000 pieces. This partnership allows us to assist customers who wish to design puzzles in smaller quantities. If you’re interested in creating a custom-designed puzzle, please reach out to our customer service.

© Foto: Fotografie Marco Bakker